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Hisham Barakat was a courageous patriot, a conscientious prosecutor, a pious man and a gentle, kind human being.
He was a courageous patriot, for during the one year of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood he did not kneel under their pressure and keep a low profile like many of his colleagues. He did not hide behind red tape or by looking the other way. He spoke up and where there was proven culpability, he did his job.
He was a conscientious prosecutor, for to him, prosecuting the guilty was just as important as exonerating the innocent. At a time when every public figure was literally a moving target to the “peaceful opposition” the Muslim Brotherhood, he issued orders to freeze the assets of all the Brotherhood leaders. It was a very effective way to dry up their resources used in their “peaceful opposition” methods of hiring “martyrs” to blow themselves up in crowded areas, to rig car bombs to assassinate civilians, police and army officers, to burn churches and cause civil strife, to target and shoot or blow up any high profile figure, in other words: “peaceful opposition”.
He was a pious man for he deeply believed in facing his Maker, in being accountable for all his actions and in the final judgement. When asked about certain decisions he made, he said “I shall stand alone before God and have to justify every decision. No one will be there to take the blame for me. I alone will be accountable to Him”. So all his decisions were influenced by a live conscience, a very strong sense of justice, and a love for God.
He was a very kind and gentle man. Every morning on his way to work, he paused a few minutes at his door, smiling, greeting his neighbors and the passers by. He was greatly respected by his neighbors for he never changed after he became Prosecutor General. He remained the same affable, likable, modest family man that he always was.
Hisham Barakat, courageous patriot, conscientious prosecutor, pious, gentle, kind human being was yesterday blown up in his car by the “peaceful opposition”.