Aida Awad

What a roller coaster ride. Rumors and counter rumors, ups and downs, euphoria and despair. The fate of a whole country in the balance. The future of 90 million people, and, given Egypt’s strategic geopolitical state, the future of the region, which in turn affects that of the world.
The first day of voting ended up on a depressing note. The MB, through their formidable media access, their highly organized social media presence, and through their sympathizers in the public media, managed to pull a fast one on all, by spreading the fear that turnout was very low. This was naively taken up by some of the few honest media people, and spread like wildfire. Tempers were lost, and a state nearing panic ensued. All this played right into the hands of the MB. They planted the seed and kept nurturing it, till it became a monster of an idea…

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