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The demarcation lines have been drawn, the venue decided, now the roles are being assigned.
Though it was previously thought that the forth generation war would take care of the immediate problems of the Middle East, this was very rudely upset by the Egyptian people and their army when they rose en masse to overthrow the puppet rule of the Brotherhood. Attempts at demolishing, or even weakening the Egyptian Army have all failed, and the people are standing solidly behind their army and it’s leader.
It is therefore imperative to adapt the plan to the facts on the ground. Egypt is no longer looked upon as a neutral entity, as was hoped when it was planned for it to become a failed state. Not only has it rid itself of the Brotherhood rule, it has come out of it more unified and in fighting spirit. It also went a step further and started rapprochement with previous allies with whom relations had gone cold. The first circle was the Arab one. Immediately after the fall of the Brotherhood in Egypt, the Arab Kingdoms started to rally around with monetary and political support. This gave pause to the planners of WWIII. Saudi Arabia has always been a traditional ally of the USA, now it was siding with what had been labeled as a coup, in Egypt. So though there were many a high level visits to the region, it did not appear that the USA was gaining any ground in that area.
The straw that broke the camel’s back in the influence of the USA over Egypt came with the strong rapprochement between Egypt and Russia. Russia, a traditional antagonist and rival to the USA had been trying for years to get a foothold in the Middle East, and here was the golden opportunity. They took it and made a great show of support by very high level visits and the conclusion of mutually very beneficial arms deals.
The surprise to the USA was the stance taken by Saudi Arabia. There were a few hints that Saudi is no longer in the fold when a few weeks back Saudi turned down the Chairmanship of the Security a Council, stating the reason its ineffectuality on the international scene. This was, in effect, a very subtle jab at the USA. It was let go, but when Saudi came out in full support of the Egyptian people and their army after ousting the Brotherhood, this was becoming serious to the USA. Many overt and covert moves were made to bring Saudi back to the fold, but something was happening. Saudi was no longer the pliant, passive, silent partner. So more drastic measures are now being used against Saudi. Suddenly there was a “leak” of a supposed part of the investigation of the 9/11 attacks, which had previously been blacked out by the then President, ostensibly for the sake of national security. This leak implicates the government of Saudi in the setting up, training and financing of the executors of the attack. Why is this being leaked now? How will this be handled, and what will be the outcome? These are very interesting questions that will probably be answered very shortly.
The roles assigned in the upcoming conflict are now a bit more defined. On the one hand there is Russia, China, North Korea, Egypt and Syria, and now it looks like Saudi as well, while on the other hand there is the USA, Turkey, Qatar, and with the rapprochement with Iran in full swing, maybe Iran. And Israel of course. These lines are not clear and definitely not final, but this looks like what the two camps will be made up of.
Whether WWIII will burst into the flames of a conventional war or will remain at the current level of localized fierce conflicts in different areas is a question no one can answer but a very few who have the plan. The rest of the world is just interestedly watching the maneuvers of the two camps, how each is undermining the other through their allies, and how the conflicts on the ground are developing.
Although WWIII has started, there is no specific defining date of its beginning, but according to Nostradamus it will last nearly three decades, after which peace will reign for a thousand years. A cynic might conclude that, knowing humankind’s propensity to violence and greed, maybe peace will reign because humankind had managed to practically eradicate the species during its last conflict. An optimist would prefer the scenario whereby the ruling group had reached its goals of prosperity and control and had decided to give the world a breather. In either case we are watching the events unfold and have very little input, except to speculate and draw conclusions.