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The war clouds are gathering, and like Nostradamus predicted, it looks like it will start in the Middle East. The pundits and historians will probably write books about the reasons that led up to it, the circumstances under which it started and the contributing factors to the conflagration. All would be correct, but none would give the true incentive behind such a war. Greed.
Greed is not solely for money, but greed for influence and domination is just as much to blame as greed for money. Not money in the conceivable sense of ordinary mortals, but wealth at its highest and most corrupt.
The obvious demarcation lines drawn between the two warring factions are now being drawn. There are two camps forming with certain countries falling into one or the other. Though geography has something to do with the choice of venue of this coming war, yet it could have been elsewhere just as easily, if it hadn’t fallen in with certain plans for certain areas in the world whose mineral wealth is so attractive. The Middle East is very rich with raw materials, and not just the conventional fossil fuel, but much less conventional ones like the silica found in the desert sands, and the sun and wind found in most of the area.
Though the “young” continent is still rich in its own raw materials, yet it’s economy has been so badly handled that it is near bankruptcy. Believing in the concept that loans are what make the world of finance go round, they lost site of the basic fact that eventually you will have to pay up. The day of reckoning is coming near, and that ability by the young continent is nowhere to be seen. So the real rulers of the world got together and set up a plan for their line of domination to continue. They drew the details of the different roles to be played by the different countries, and manipulated politicians, governments and whole peoples into playing their assigned roles. Though this unknown group has managed to stay in power for centuries, yet very little is known about them, because secrecy is of utmost importance for their work to be successful. Yet rumors started leaking, and with the leaps and bounds in communication technology, these rumors started coalescing into more concrete information. This information is combatted by the group through disinformation and through romanticizing the rumors to give them a slightly ridiculous edge to keep the majority of the people swaying between belief and ridicule of the idea of a conspiracy on mankind.
Be this as it may, the end result is the same. There is a cycle to the necessity of war, for war is what improves the economy. It drastically reduces the population, thus leaving more natural resources to those remaining, and thus reviving the economies needing such revival. It is therefore imperative, as part of the plan to start a conflagration, to set up the circumstances under which it would occur, it’s timing, it’s venue and it’s main protagonists. We are now at the point where the stage is being set, and roles are being assigned.
The actual fighting has already started in two hot spots in the Middle East. Syria, and Sinai in Egypt. After ensuring that as many influential states as possible in the Middle East are turned into what is termed “failed states”, the group is now starting its demarcation lines and assigning the roles of the participants.
The catalyst in most of the cases is the highly nurtured and very we’ll trained and financed, what is euphemistically called “Islamic terrorists”. This is a group that has been set up by highly intelligent, totally unscrupulous persons from the Middle East, who have been mandated to identify a seemingly valid grievance, take it to a heightened level of either patriotism, or better still, religious fervor, by which most youth and a large number of adults of medium intelligence and education are turned into fanatics of one sort or another. Thus the Muslim Brotherhood came into being.
The stage was being set and the elements were put in place. The Brotherhood became the exaggerated version on the ground, of the worst rumors set about by the group to camouflage their existence. They became a secret cult with its own rituals and stringent initiation rules. A bastardized version of Islam was set up through which total control of its followers was ensured, as well as the eradication of any concept of morality. Lying was not only allowed, it was lauded as a mean of survival, and all human frailties were, with diabolical genius, turned into virtues. All the deadly sins were sanctified under certain circumstances, murder, adultery, lying, stealing, greed, pride, anger and even gluttony, all were sanctified and even encouraged in the name of the preservation of the Brotherhood. From this original cult sprang other factions, the most famous of which are Al Qaeda, Hamas, Jameat Islameya and all the little terrorist groups that sprouted the world over. This was holding a tiger by the tail. But their hold was tight and the control was fairly adequate. They were very successfully used in getting rid of the Russians from Afghanistan, at the same time giving them a practice run at how to bring about a failed state.
The fist obvious step on the ground, with the actual conflict of conventional armies was the second war on Iraq, whereby the young continent managed, very adeptly, to demolish a prosperous country where the majority were highly educated and which had a strong army. Not only was said army disbanded, but the infrastructure of the country demolished, it’s extremely rich resources robbed, it’s people fragmented and sectarian violence instigated, but worse still, it’s culture and rich history destroyed. If there is any comprehensive definition of crimes against humanity, this should be it.
The second step in the WWIII set-up plan was the “Arab Spring”, where old, corrupt dictators were easily toppled by a “popular uprising” by the highly romanticized idealistic, brave youth. This started with Tunis, then Egypt, Libya and Yemen. But when the fever started running into Bahrain, this was very ruthlessly and very silently squashed. The plan for the Arab Spring was that the local Muslim Brotherhood take over the rule of these countries and act as surrogates for the USA. The plan for these countries was fragmentation. This was done a few years earlier to the Sudan.
The plan was going very well, the Brotherhood took over in Tunis, then very openly in Egypt. Libya was more difficult as it was never a State with institutions to begin with, so the Brotherhood could not take over, but it was becoming a failed state par excellence. Yemen was a surprise, in a strange twist, the old regime, through slightly different faces, reinstated itself. This was a bit of a set back, but manageable.
It was Egypt that seriously upset some of the plans. With Syria’s Assad mired in a supposed civil war, the only large army left in the area was that of Egypt. This had to be broken. So the puppet Brotherhood President, Mohamed Morsi was instructed to let in large numbers of Mujahedeen from Gaza to start luring in the Egyptian army into a quagmire guerrilla war reminiscent of Torah Bora in Afghanistan. This was a miscalculation. A true popular uprising took place in Egypt against the rule of the Brotherhood, and the Egyptian army gave it it’s support. Then the part of the army that was always assigned to Sinai took over cleaning it up from all intruding terrorists, which included Hamas and Al Qaeda. A very fierce, vicious war took place, and until the underground tunnels linking Gaza to Sinai were demolished, the supply of arms and personnel to the terrorists was unending. Eventually most of the tunnels were stopped and then the tables turned against the intruders. The head of the Army, General Al Sisy, in July, met with the heads of the main Sinai tribes and struck a deal with them, whereby they became informants to the army and helped eradicate the foreign terrorists. It is not known what Al Sisy has promised them, but they seem to trust him and have kept their word. The war in Sinai has now taken the form of sporadic individual terrorist attacks on different army installations. The fierce fighting on the ground is now over with a great number of the terrorists either dead or incarcerated. So the plan to break the Egyptian army has backfired badly.
Added to that is the fact that although the Brotherhood is still putting on a show in Egypt, with small numbers dispersed all over to give the impression of the prevalence of unrest, yet basically their effect is more detrimental to their cause than anything. They have, through their uncontrolled violence against unarmed civilians, managed to alienate the majority of the population, to a point where the people are starting to take matters into their own hands and mete out their own brand of justice. This, of course is understandable, but is very dangerously near the appearance of a failed state, so the government should take precautions that these incidents do not get out of hand.
The preparations for WWIII are still on hand worldwide, and have taken some surprising turns.
To be continued