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This is the party set up by the Salafis to represent them on the Egyptian political scene and to act as their vehicle towards ruling Egypt. They do not stand up in respect for the National Anthem, they do not respect the Flag of Egypt and have no loyalty to, or empathy with, those who died for their country’s freedom.
To my way of thinking they are even more dangerous than the Muslim Brotherhood, for they are learning very quickly the lessons of politics and politicians. They have come a very long way in a very short time, and although they have not managed to keep their scandals to a minimum. They managed to cover them up as much as possible. Though their member who, contrary to their beliefs, had a nose job done, then to cover it up lied and made a police report that he was mugged and robbed of LE 100 thousand. True he was supposedly kicked out of the Party when he was caught, but the damage was done. The other member who was caught in a car on a street – in flagrante – with a woman, and again who lied to the police, but was still convicted of a misdemeanor in a public area. And last but not least, those members of Parliament who put forward requests for laws to be passed that would legalize marriage to a nine-year old girl, would ban the English language from being taught and would lower the age of adulthood to help them marry children. pedophilia seems to be their norm. They are far more dangerous to society than ever the Muslim Brotherhood were.
Despite all that, their pragmatism and Machiavellian behavior has propelled them to the forefront of the Egyptian political scene. They are, if possible, even more rigid and backward in their views of religion and society than ever the intolerable Muslim Brotherhood were.
They have stuck to the fact that politics make for strange bedfellows, and have united with whatever factions, no matter how different in principles from theirs, to achieve certain goals and certain gains.
At one time, when the Muslim Brotherhood’s star was on the rise, they caught on to their tails and flew with them. But when they were ousted from power, the Salafis were more circumspect, and though publicly appeared neutral, secretly they helped them just to make sure that they still had an in with them, in case they got back in power. They bolstered their sit-in at Rabea and actively took part in many a terrorist act. They were conspicuously absent from the June 30 revolution.
Now that the have finally been convinced that the MB will not get back in power in the foreseeable future, so they start playing the game which they are quickly perfecting. They are now making noises about mobilizing their people to vote “yes” to the new Constitution. Were they not the Party that tried every possible trick to derail the road map? Were they not the party that objected at every turn to each and every article in the new draft of the Constitution ? Was not the role of their representative on the Committee of a Fifty to create stumbling blocks in getting the Constitution actually drafted, and in trying to plant land mines that would explode in the face of those drafting it?
Why now do they come out and announce that they will mobilize for it? What gas changed, and how are they adapting yo that change and what is the purpose and motivation behind it?
They are now turning into an adversary yo be recognized and reckoned with. They are far more intelligent, and far more subtle in their dealings than ever the MB were. Therefore they are far more dangerous.
I hope that the powers that be are aware of the extent of their perfidious, and their adaptation. Without such awareness, and that of the people in general, we are quite liable to fall into their trap like we did into that of the MB. Vigilance by those in authority, and by the people in general, should be exercised, and a great deal of caution should be taken when dealing with any member of that part.
May God bless and protect my beloved Egypt.