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Today I went shopping at the usual supermarket that I use and was not surprised to see the preparations for Christmas. A whole wing was dedicated to Christmas trees, decorations, baubles, tinsel, lights. You can even find suites for Santa. Of course all made in China. But still. For a predominantly Muslim country, this section is doing very brisk business. I was looking around to see if there are any new decorating ideas when I ran into two veiled young women. We got talking and I was surprised when they saw the cross around my keck, they asked me to please pray for Egypt. I told them that I have been praying for Egypt and Egyptians since 25 January 2012. Then they volunteered to tell me that each one of them will be buying a small Christ tree with all its decorations. I smiled and said that this was normal, because every year I invite and get invited to if tars during Ramadan. They then both started talking about their Christian friends, emphasizing that there is no difference between Muslim and Christian that we are both of the same blood.
This meeting is very indicative of what is happening in Egypt now. We have forever been one people, of the same ethnic origin, same blood, same language, same customs and traditions. We look alike, we dress alike, till lately when the Wahabi influence made the veil prevalent among women. We eat the same food, celebrate certain customs the same, have marriage and death social rituals that are the same. One people, two religions. The strong sense of ordinary Egyptians that part of them is being targeted has had a miraculous effect. Now people bend backward to try to reassure any Christians they meet, even strangers, like what happened to me today. A feeling of guilt is strongly apparent in everyday behavior. Even friends on FaceBook quite often apologies to Christians generally whenever a particularly atrocious crime is committed against Christians because they are Christians. This weapon used by the MB in targeting Christians for violence has had the totally adverse effect to what they were hoping. First of all, their aim is to spread fear among Christians to the extent that they voluntarily start mass immigration. This is part of the grand plan by Obama in attempting to void the Middle East of any Christians, because of the type of new order planned for the Middle East. This plan is to divide each and every country in the Middle East to four or five little entities and keep them warring among themselves so that there is no one large strong country that could stand up to Israel. The reason they want the Christians out is because of fear of their own people protesting the ill-treatment of Christians by predominantly belligerent Muslim states. This is the reason the relations between the US and the Vatican have reached an unprecedented low, with the withdrawal of both ambassadors.
The MB’s second aim is to try to cause a rift between Christina and Muslim Egyptians. Here their plan again backfired badly. Not only have they failed to incite enmity towards Christians, on the contrary, they have managed to unite the majority of Egyptians in one camp, mainly against the MB and their terrorist practices. Although the friendly relations between Christian and Muslim Egyptians have been affected over the past few years by the rise in The Wahabi extremist teachings, yet the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood for a year has managed to practically wipe out that influence.
To begin with, this is a very extreme type of Islam that is totally alien to the centrist, easy going laid back Egyptian character. It only took hold among the very poor and those who were recruited at an early age by the cult of the Brotherhood. But after the rule of Morsi, their draw backs have become so obvious that ordinary Egyptians sat up and took notice, and took it a step further and started protesting. One of the main reasons behind the Egyptians’ second uprising on June 30, 2012, was the discriminatory attitude of the Brotherhood against the different factions of Egyptians. They discriminated, first between a Brotherhood member and a non-member, giving preferential treatment to the former. They discriminated against women, as second class citizens whose role in life was strictly as a propagating machine, and sometimes for the pleasure of men. They discriminated against Christians as infidels who should be gotten rid of, preferably through death. And worse still against the Bahaais whom the considered even worse than Christians.
This policy of discriminating against the majority of Egyptians has now resulted in isolating them. The majority of Egyptians, men, women, Christians, Sunnis and Bahaais are now all united against the Muslim Brotherhood. Especially after they started using random force and deliberate violence against Egyptians as a whole, and the deliberate damaging of property.
It is no longer a question of Christians and Muslims, it is now a questions of all Egyptians against terrorism in the for of the Muslim Brotherhood. Last year was the first time in my lifetime that I see a huge Christmas tree decorated and lit in Tahrir square on December 31. It is celebrating Christmas Egyptian style. We used the tree, we used the lights, but instead of baubles, we used little plaques with the names of those fallen for the sake of Egypt’s freedom. There were songs for Egypt, mixed with Christian hymns sung in celebrating in the new year according to the Gregorian calendar. This is typically Egypt.
God bless my beloved country.