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On the other hand there were some really positive addictions by the Egyptian people as a result of the 25 January 2011 revolution. Egyptians who were not consciously aware, became so, to the love they have for Egypt. What might be described as a wave of patriotism does not cover the depth and breadth of that emotion. Many an Egyptian, who in former years, repeated a joke at the expense of the country, has now become a staunch defender of Egypt and loudly attacks anyone who is foolish enough to criticize it. Ordinary people whose nose was constantly to the grind, trying to keep their heads above water and to barely survive, have now lifted their heads, are standing tall, lifting the flag and willing to die for Egypt. A ver famous saying that some attribute to the later Pope is: Egypt is not a country we live in, it is a country that lives inside us. So very true. Especially now, when, after a ling period of dormancy, a group awakening has taken place and the people are now aware of the extent of their love for Egypt.
Quite often one does not value a thing until they are about to, or actually lose it. This has been the case with Egypt and the Egyptians. It took the threat of losing the essence of the Egypt that we have known and loved, to have us rise in its defense and put our lives on the line to have it returned to us the way we knew and loved it. The one year under the rule of the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, and their representative, Morsi, was enough to open the eyes of many an Egyptian. The desperate attempts on their part to “Brotherize” the country were a death knoll to their rule. Egyptians have been forever a peace-loving people, very moderate, easy-going people. People who love to have a good time, who love music and dancing, who appreciate poetry, painting and sculpture, who revere the arts and enjoy the. There is not a single social or religious occasion that does not have its own songs and its own music. Every small or large social occasion must have some kind of music to denote festivity. Then we get the Brotherhood and their cohorts the Salafis trying to prohibit music and dancing and the cinema as being frowned upon by religion. While the Islamic religion is totally innocent of such libel. It is their own narrow, warped interpretation, with no basis whatsoever in religion.
This joie de vivre which is an inherent quality of Egyptians was what motivated them to rise against a bigoted, dark ages mentality, that tried to impose its narrow-minded view of the world on a people who love life and enjoy living in the sun.
This addiction resulted in another. The getting together of like-minded people. People who have never met, or would have never met under normal circumstances, got together and became friends because of their unified goal. This has enriched many lives and has generated a positive energy that has been very beneficial to a large number of people. The inevitable bouts of depression and fear that take over periodically are now being easily battled by this strong support system that grew out of the closeness of individuals united in the love of a country.