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Finally we are seeing the Cabinet catch up with what General Al Sisy had announced a few days ago, that Egypt now is in a state of war, and that all entities of the government will act accordingly.
The first indication was the cabinet issuing several directives, one of which was that any foreigner entering Egypt and carrying out a terrorist act, will be pursued, even if outside Egypt. In other words, if terrorists from Gaza come into Egypt for terrorist acts then run back home, they will be followed there and brought back to justice. A long overdue decision.
Another directive was to review all naturalizations and pardons issued during Morsi’s rule. One of his first acts in office was to issue Presidential pardons to all convicted terrorists of Hamas or The Brotherhood, and even to some hardened criminals who were his cell mates when he was imprisoned. These pardons will be reviewed, and already some have been revoked and warrants for their arrest issued. Especially as most of them have been active in terrorist activities since the removal of Morsi. Another decision was to review all those who were naturalized and were given the Egyptian nationality especially to Palestinians who were planned to settle in Sinai and own land there. This was part of the Brotherhood’s larger plan for Sinai. According to some of the leaked documents pertaining to one of the court cases against Morsi he was planning to repatriate the Gaza residents into Sinai as per an agreement with the US whereby it paid 8 billion dollars for North Sinai for this purpose. The naturalization was systematic so that these people would come and settle naturally into North Sinai and would then eventually be given title deeds to the land.
Another directive was to permit the police to go into university campuses without awaiting orders from a judge, and this in cases where teaching is deliberately disrupted by disgruntled students, or if vandalism is taking place. This was a sensitive issue for some time, but now, no nonsense is tolerated and like in any normal country the police goes in when needed.
Yet another decision taken was the setting aside of special fast circuits for the legal cases trying terrorist cases. This means that terrorist cases will not have to go into the highly overloaded roster of the Egyptian courts and which then might take years to be reviewed. When being assigned to special fast circuits, this means that they will still be tried according to normal rules, but that the cases would be tried faster.
Then we had the President sign the law regulating demonstrations. This has shaken up all strata of society. But at least it started waking people up.
Another decision was taken by the Elections Committee. This decision was in stopping the 6th April organization from monitoring the referendum on the Constitution. Other NGO’s have also been banned, mainly those that were set up by the Brotherhood to influence voting for Parliament and the Presidency. This is an excellent step in the right direction, an attempt at controlling fraud that was prevalent in the previous elections.
Finally there was the decision to reduce political representation with Turkey once it was proven that Turkey had sent some agents to assist the Brotherhood in terrorist acts of bombing within Egypt.
At the first attempt to test the new law regulating demonstrations, it was feared that the government would crumble, but they gave us a pleasant surprise and came out with a firm statement that the law is the law and will be applied. There were requests for the amendment of this law, but in a brief statement by the President, this was categorically denied. The law stays as is, and will be applied.
Last but not least, a statement by the Prime Minister addressing the American President, that if his ambassador does not toe the diplomatic line he will be the one to follow the Turkish Ambassador.
Long live Egypt!
Finally, we are back to being a sovereign country that deals with the World from a position of strength, that does not brook interference by others in our internal affairs, and that is independent enough to draw its policy to its own benefit. This is especially welcome in light of all the International Muslim Brotherhood Organization’s plans to set up a parallel government in exile in Paris. Also their attempts to take Egypt to the International court and try it in the persons of the interim President Judge Adly Mansour, Prime Minister Dr. Hazem Al Biblawy and Minister of Defense General Abdel Fattah Al Sisy. I am hoping that we continue in our trend of getting back our country by being proactive instead of reactive and we take the fight into their yard. We have already started a page on FB where we want to compile all atrocities and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt at the instigation and through the monetary and technical support of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. Once this is done we want the government to take this evidence to the International Court and declare this organization a terrorist organization.
The first rays of real hope are breaking through the very thick black clouds that have been enveloping Egypt for the past three years. Hope is lifting its head and a vey cautious breath is being drawn for a better future and a slight improvement of the present. It will not be a continuous course, it will suffer setbacks, but once we have a confident, firm government at the helm, problems can be tackled head on and we can hope for a better future. Soon.
God bless my beloved Egypt.