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I understand you burn your enemy’s flag as a symbol of belittling your enemy and showing contempt, but burning your own country’s flag?
This is what happened in Tahrir Square last night. The MB and their supporters burned Egypt’s flag. I am in deep shock.
Though I shouldn’t be. I have been writing about them and their treacherous behavior, their atrocities and their viciousness. Yet somehow I still thought of them as Egyptians. With this one act, they have now relinquished all claim to that. I do not think I am alone in thinking that they have now shown their true colors, and that they have not an iota of love or loyalty to this country. I really think that their citizenship should be revoked and that they be exiled out of the country.
The extent of their alienation was never more obvious. But I should not be surprised. If one of them when in the position of President of the country, consorted with enemies of said country and plotted against it, this is beyond belief. If a fiction writer thought of such a plot, it would be laughed out as too far fetched. Well, fiction writers, now you have a precedent in history.
We are always proud to be the first in anything that would get us registered in the Guinness Book of World Records, but this is one time when it will be with great shame. Ours would be the first President in history to be convicted of espionage on his country WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT!!!
Nothing speaks louder than those two facts, a Presidential spy and the burning of the flag. Those two incidents alone should be enough to damn this organization as a terrorist, rogue organization with loyalty only to itself and its own advancement. The US in allying itself to this organization has left itself wide open to retaliation once they turn on it. And turn they will. If they have no loyalty to the country where they were born and where they have lived all their lives, do you think they will give a second thought to a foreign ally if this ally is no longer useful, or is perceived to have turned its back on them? Watch out America, you are about to be stabbed in the back by your ex- allies.
Treachery is a strong vein running throughout their history. Not only have they allied themselves to each and every ruling party in Egypt over the past 80 years, but they have also betrayed each and every party they had allied themselves to. Even as individuals, betrayal is the rule, if there is any sort of gain. After Morsi was removed, many a name surfaced from members of the brotherhood as police informants. Those especially adept at that were the Salafis, who are on the same platform as the Brotherhood, but even more extreme in their views.
With the assassination of the National Security officer, Mohamed Mabrouk, many more details are being revealed. It seems that Mabrouk, as well as another National Security officer, Mohamed Abu Shakra, were two of the officers closely involved in tracking, surveilling and finally arresting the a Deputy Morshid, Khairat Al Shater. Officer Abu Shakra was assassinated by being riddled with bullets a few months ago. The same method was used on Mohamed Mabrouk. Both officers are seen on the tape showing the arrest of Khairat Al Shater. So it seems that the wave of assassinations had already started a few months back. Neither officer was high profile, nor was he known to the public. With the assassination of Mabrouk, there are definite overtones of the involvement of foreign intelligence forces.
Assassinations, bombings, arson and every criminal behavior is the MB’s modus operandi. They would sleep with the devil if it was to their advantage. This I think, is the main reason they were so attractive to the US as their tool in Egypt to implement for them the 4th generation of asymmetrical war. They have absolutely no principles whatsoever, are not inhibited by a conscience, and are desperately ambitious and hungry for power. Their loyalty does not extend to their followers, who, they think are there to further their cause, and are therefore dispensable. Witness the people they killed in the Rabaa sit-in and kept the bodies to try to make the world think that they were killed when the police dispersed the sit-in. But strongly ingrained habits were their downfall. Their strict death rituals that necessitate the shrouding of dead bodies gave the game away. How could the police have shot these people on the spot and they ended up in shrouds? Also they did not reckon with forensic examination of the bodies. They had intended to burn them, but were not given the chance. The bodies were collected and a forensic examination revealed that they had died a few days before the dispersal day, and that they were shot by the same type of bullets which the MB had used in shooting at the police. Add to that the confessions, and crime scene re-enactment of one of the MB captured snipers, and you have a full case of crimes against humanity against the leaders of that sit-in.
The more these people are left to continue on that path, the more they reveal themselves for the terrorists that they are. Hopefully this will reach a point where they will be completely ostracized by the Egyptian people and would be forced into self exile.
A final word of warning to the United States: remember Bin Laden? He was an ex-Muslim Brotherhood member. Remember what he did to you after you had helped him and he achieve notoriety in fighting the Russians in Afghanistan for you? Well, Bin Laden was a junior player in the Muslim Brotherhood. You have now managed to very successfully open Pandora’s box. My only regret is that those of your people who will take the brunt of the Brotherhood’s retaliation, and retaliation there will be, are the ordinary, innocent American taxpayers. Though the same thing happened in 9/11 yet the American people have not learned their lesson. If they do have such a wonderful, working democracy, how come they still have people in office whose stupid policies are laying them open to a great deal of harm? I should have thought that in their own democratic way they would have been able to clean up their government and bring in people whose primary concern is the welfare of the American people.
If the MB push the Egyptian people any further, I think they will get the surprise of their lives at the reaction and the people’s revenge.
It is now a very vicious war that is being waged by the US using the MB as their tool, and it is the duty of each and every Egyptian to fight back. This is a different kind of war, and the conventional weapons are no longer used. We have to fight back through knowledge and ‘brain power’. We have to ensure that as many people as possible are educated in the methods used in this 4th generation war, and in the means of how to combat them. Spreading the education is the key. So it is the duty of every individual who reads this, to take up the thread and continue in spreading the word about this war we are in.
God bless my beloved Egypt.