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If you ‘reconcile’ with your enemy, you are surrendering. The MB has proven itself a treacherous organization which has allied itself to an outside enemy. Actually SEVERAL outside enemies. The first and most important enemy is the United States. The second is Palestinian Hamas. Qatar and Turkey being the chorus line.
We are currently in a state of war. The 4th generation asymmetrical war as outlined by Dr. Max G. Wanwaring, Professor of Military Strategy in the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College, is currently underway in all its aspects as outlined in his lecture (http://youtu.be/wflMq7DKvNc). It is very clearly defined what methods are used and more to the point WHO to use in implementing this type of war. It is very clearly stated that as this is a “trans-national” problem, it should have a “trans-national” solution. My understanding of this is that the way to wage this war is through the people you want to defeat. If you are trying to defeat Egypt, you use Egyptians to do it. Preferably an organized entity that has a great thirst for power, and a delusion of grandure and a dream of influence beyond conventional national borders. The Americans found a tailor-made organization in the Muslim Brotherhood. The resultant secret alliance started several years ago. Most of the leaders of this organization were ‘educated’ in the United States. In other words, most were recruited by the CIA. The most flagrant recruitment was that of a poor unsophisticated farmer, who, through circumstances and the enormous pressure and work of the CIA, managed to gain the position of President of Egypt. This played right into their hands.
Last night the National Security officer responsible for Morsi’s case where he is accused of being a CIA agent, was assassinated through several bullets to the head. This comes on the heels of Morsi’s threat, through his lawyers, that assassinations had not started yet. The fact that the case this officer was handling involved the United States throws shadows on the involvement of the CIA in this assassination. It is now clear that we are entering another phase of the 4th generation asymmetrical war.
As destabilization is the basic criteria for the success of this war, Morsi, the moment he became President, immediately set free all terrorists convicted and imprisoned, as well as many an ordinary criminal, through presidential reprieves. He then ensured the security of the underground tunnels linking Gaza to Sinai, to ensure the regular, unimpeded flow of Hamas personnel and weaponry inside Egypt, and the regular, unimpeded flow of gas from Egypt to Gaza. This act alone is one of treason. He gave preferential treatment to a foreign state contrary to the interests of Egypt. This is one of the definitions of treason in the Egyptian law. The penalty for treason is death by hanging.
The flow of all the arms and personnel of all terrorist organizations like Hamas and Al Qaeda into Egypt was very well planned and executed, to the extent that at one point Angela Merkel, of Germany, was making noises about declaring Egypt a country that harbors terrorism. She was not much off the mark. With a treasonous terrorist in the top position in the country, what else was expected? But what none of those who are not Egyptian could not understand was the way ordinary everyday Egyptians felt about what was happening to their country. The country was hijacked by a terrorist organization that came to power while most of the people were unaware, and a large number misled by the religious facade worn by this terrorist organization. Suddenly people woke up to the fact that the rulers belonged to a secret, terrorist organization that had international ties to world terrorism and did not have the interests of Egypt at all at heart.
The objective of the 4th generation asymmetrical war was destabilization and the creation of what is now called ‘alternately governed territories’. This means territories where the State has no control, but what is in control are belligerent, violent, rogue groups who compound the chaos and destabilization of that territory. Sinai has been long targeted for that. This goes back to the days of the Peace Accords with Israel, where Egyptian military presence was greatly curtailed there, to give rogue elements the freedom to grow. The ground was laid for the implementation of the 4th generation asymmetrical war that is being waged now.
One of the very dangerous aspects of this war is the use of what they call the non-uniformed military personnel who could be men, women or children. So what they are saying is that they will recruit everybody to help their cause. In the Muslim Brotherhood they found a most cooperative tool. The Brotherhood saw all their dreams of a Muslim Caliphate coming true, without taking into consideration the penalty of cooperating with an untrustworthy foreign political ally with ulterior motives. For the sake of this dream, the Brotherhood had no compunction in using its members and its supporters and followers in the most ruthless, immoral way. The epitome of that came when women and children were used as human shields in demonstrations and during the sit-in at Rabea, and with the dispersal of that sit-in, many were shot by what now appears to be the same type of ammunition that killed the police. So here again we have a practical translation into facts on the ground of the use of a ‘trans-national’ solution, and the ‘non-uniformed military personnel’ be they men, WOMEN OR CHILDREN’. The 4th generation asymmetrical war is waged in all its aspects on Egypt now.
The part about brain power, or smart power, as opposed to fire power is used very subtlety and very well indeed. The ferocious attack of all worldwide media outlets against the people’s revolt against Morsi, trying to tarnish it by calling it a military coup, waving the threat of withholding Aid, and even hinting at sanctions and the threat of NATO interference. The movements of the American fleet near our nautical borders, the financial pressure of withholding the IMF’s loan were other aspects of the brain or smart power used in waging this war. Another aspect of this brain power being used against Egypt is the ability to turn well known figures, and sometimes quite popular figures, into ones that adopted the opposite point of view. This was a two pronged attack, for not only did it cause many people to feel insecure and suspicious of everybody, but also added to the chaos, or destabilization by spreading the word about the fifth columnists who were everywhere, infiltrating all aspects of the Egyptian scene.
There seem to be ongoing attempts to pressure ‘compel’ a few of those in government to the will of the United States. The demand for reconciliation with the MB and to include them in the road map to the future is nothing but another attempt at derailing the one thing standing in the face of successful implementation of this war, it is the will of the Egyptian people and their determination to have their country back as they know it. As long as Egyptians hold on to their dream of a modern, prosperous country where we can live well and with dignity, where we take our natural place in the world community and where we protect our territorial sovereignty, none of those attempts at turning Egypt into a failed state will succeed. An Egyptian trait which has not been taken into consideration by the United States in its plans is that Egyptians are extremely patient people. As a basically agricultural community, patience is a strongly ingrained trait that could outlast all the ‘slow, subtle, quiet’ attempts at destabilization leading to a failed state. They are also intuitive and can instinctively discern dishonestly or any double dealing, therefore they are not duped for long. Even with the very strong card of religion played by the MB they could not pull the wool over the people’s eyes for long.
The more this plot is exposed, the more Egyptians who are informed of this type of the war waged against us, the better we are equipped to combat it and eventually win. The plan to cause friction with the army will not work, for the army is made up of the people, each family has a son, husband, brother or uncle in the army, there is no ethnic difference, no cliques or cabals. The people and the army are one homogeneous entity. With knowledge and constant vigilance this 4th generation asymmetrical war will be defeated by Egyptians who love their country.
God bless my beloved Egypt.