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This is NOT a conspiracy theory, this is a REAL conspiracy. Below I have transcribed a few minutes of a speech given by Dr. Max G. Wanwaring, Professor of Military Strategy in the Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College. This is as close a transcript as I could get.
He started off by talking about the characters in Harry Potter and that the main evil character, the “antagonist” as opposed to the protagonist is a horrible, scary person. This is a way of introducing the 4th generation asymmetrical war. He goes on to say:
Whether we like it or not, are prepared for it or not, it is here with us, we are dealing with it, we are in a 4th generation asymmetrical war.
What is war? War is the compulsion to accept the enemy’s will – compulsion. In the past, under the traditional Westphalian Treaties, the idea was that war was between to nation states, maybe an alliance of nation states against another alliance of nation states, but it was a nation state sort of thing. Furthermore, it was a military sort of thing, flags flying, uniforms resplendent, crossing the sovereign borders of another country to take a province, a market, or maybe the whole thing. But under the current experience, particularly over the last twenty or so years, we found that this is becoming more and more obsolete, and what is becoming more and more vogue is the 4th generation asymmetrical war. We do not apparently want to admit that we are engaged in such a war, but if we don’t do that, then we don’t have to worry about it.
Mr. Chavez in 2005 gave a charge to his officer corps in the Military Academy in Caracas to learn the 4th generation asymmetrical war and develop a doctrine to deal with it. We are still stuck with Westphalia and our own thinking when we talk about defense, we talk about uniformed forces crossing a sovereign border. But today that is not happening. The last big confrontation of that nature in Latin America took place around a hundred years ago. But Er have been engaged in, whether we like it or not, whether we admit it or not, engaged in a 4th generation asymmetrical was.
What is the objective of a 4th generation asymmetrical war? It is not to crush another military organization or destroy a nation’s capability of fielding a military force abroad, the objective is to wear down, slowly but surely, the will of the targeted country with the purposes of gaining influence, and eventually, beyond gaining influence, and probably not just eventually, but in reality the real objective is to compel that enemy to your will; and whether that type of war is as bloody as the traditional “shock and awe”, whether it is not as bloody as WWII was or the Korean War was, or some of the other wars that we were engaged in were, the fact is that compulsion, whether it is non-benign or not, is still compulsion. This is something we should give some thought to.
Now, if an objective is to control or influence another entity to your will, the common denominator in all this is the thing we call destabilization.we don’t run uniformed forces across the borders any more, or not very often anyway, and military forces are not all uniformed, they are not all male, they are also female, they Re not all adult, they are also children and we’ve got to understand these things and we’ve got to deal with them, and the only way we can deal with them effectively, since they are transport-national problems, what kind of solutions do we need? Transport-national solutions!
Ambassador N. suggested , not only do we go in that direction, but that we take it a step further, we have to use brain power. Brain power is the main weapon in this context. Brain power, smart power, not fire power. What took down the Berlin Wall? Tanks? Artillery? aero planes? No, the German Deutsch Mark!
Destabilization can take many forms, and usually it is relatively benign, but again we have the problem of compulsion, and co pulses us to where? The idea of the creation of a failing state. The other word that we don’t dare to use: war and failing state. We don’t want to use the word because it might not be politically correct enough, we don’t want to offend anybody, but the fact is, that in some of these states we’ve been talking about in Central America and elsewhere, a good portion of the country is not controlled by the State and that is a definition of sovereignty a definition beyond what has been talked about here: sovereignty is the control of the territory and of the people of a given recognized political entity. If the State doe not control all of its territory, the question is, who does? We use the term up governed territory quite often, we have sophisticated that a tad, and now we are calling it alternately governed territory. The point is, it is not the State that is doing this, it is non-State groups, belligerent, violent and kind of nasty – and over a period of time you create a failed State, and then you can step in and take control of that State, not only take control of it, but maybe go a little beyond that perhaps, and then what happens to that State? It doesn’t wither away, it still exists, somebody will have to take care of it, if no one comes in and takes care of it and runs away with it. Haiti comes to mind.Letting Haiti fail had been a terribly expensive process for the West. Other countries have been known to become “Criminal States”, “New People’s Republics”. In a situation like this, it is the last man left standing, no matter how badly he’s been beaten, the last man standing is the victor. This is a little dicey, and there might be some problems with this.
I am taking up too much time in this case.
But here are a couple of words for a our vocabulary for the next while: war is compulsion, whether it is non-lethal or lethal as we’ve known in the past. Another word is failed StTe or failing State. It is not an event, it is a process. Slowly and quietly enough, people will go to sleep, if you do it well enough, quietly enough, slowly enough, your enemy will wake up dead.
End of clip. You can find this clip at the following link: http://youtu.be/wflMq7DKvNc
It is subtitled in Arabic.

This is a very revealing lecture, it has stated categorically the type of thinking and planning going on in the United States to subdue and then complete the Middle East to submit to its influence and control. It was clearly stated what the objective was: to compel these states to the will of the US, and maybe take them over completely. All this without the use of regular uniformed personnel. Here we come to a very dangerous statement where he defines the military forces as not being all male, they could be female, and even children. That is a shocking concept, and he admits to that by saying they have to get used to it. All these statements can now be translated into actions on the ground.
First the problem is trans-national and the solution has to be trans-national, means that we use their own people to defeat them. Then the military forces not uniformed, so civilians are to be used. Not all male, so as we see now women and children were used in demonstrations and as human shields, to try to alienate world opinion when they were harmed. Brain power, or smart power is the use of any means, such as the economy, media, public opinion, even the threat of trials for war crimes, to coerce, intimidate or “compel” the target country to knuckle under and do the bidding of the aggressor, in this case the USA.
It is no longer a theory, it is now stated plainly in black and white, very clearly explained and defined, and when closely examined, very easily followed in what is taking place on the ground in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and what has already been successfully implemented in Iraq and Somalia.
It is probably thought that Sinai is now one of those “alternately governed territories”, but, fortunately, we have a great army, and young, intelligent military leaders who are now cleaning up this mess. It is an out and out military war, where America has used the Muslim Brotherhood to bring in Al Qaeda and Hamas into Egypt through Sinai, to work towards their goal of making Egypt a failed State. Once a large number of Egyptians are made aware of this plan and how it is still being implemented, the whole people will rally around their leaders in defense of our beloved Egypt. The purpose of this article is to spread the word and alert, not only Egyptians, but the world at large, to the evil plans being set in motion to destroy an ancient civilization, a peaceful country and one of the kindest people on this earth, Egypt and the Egyptians. This is the new Nazi world order that has been planned and is now being carried out in the area. Today it is the Middle East, tomorrow it might be you. Wake up!