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As per a report by Al Watan newspaper.
There is a conspiracy against Egypt which is supposed to take place starting with the anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud Street massacre on November 19. This conspiracy is primarily between the MB, Qatar and Turkey.
The plan is for mobilizing all MB Members and their supporters to demonstrate all over Egypt, to close all governmental offices, to start civil disobedience and to target the army and police personnel for assassination.
The International Organization of the MB had held meetings, after the first session of Morsi’s trial on November 4, to prepare for their new wave of attack. These meetings were held in Qatar, London and Turkey and were attended by Mahmoud Hussein, the MB member and a fugitive from justice, as well as by Ibrahim Mounir a member of the Irshad Office of the International Organization of the MB.
These meetings focused on the means by which they can mobilize their people for November 19, while holding a dress rehearsal for this next Friday. The plan is to start demonstrations with the maximum amount of disruption on November 19 and continue into the new year up to January 25, 2014. Special groups are assigned for special demonstrations and attacks on the court where Morsi’s second session of his trial is to be held on January 8, 2014.
One facet of the plan is the mobilization of university students against the government, trying to cause friction between the army and the revolutionary demonstrators who will be celebrating the Mohamed Mahmoud anniversary. They will also attempt to add these students to the MB and also attempt to spoil the referendum on the Constitution which is scheduled for some time during the second half of December, by spreading rumors of fraud to show that Egypt is not on the right road towards democracy.
Another aspect of that plan is to mobilize all MB supporters abroad, to demonstrate in front of the Egyptian Embassies, in protest, on November 19 and on January 25, 2014.
The International Organization of the MB was tracked as meeting with officers working for Turkish and Qatari intelligence, to agree on the means to paralyze Egypt economically and to spread chaos through elements belonging to Al Kassam militias and through Al Qaeda. Egyptian intelligence said that they have uncovered a plot to bring about the downfall of the government on 25 January 2014. Also planned was a repeat of the scenario of attacking police stations, invading the prisons, assassinating high profile army and police officers and targeting the different security installations; this, as well as attacking the court where Morsi’s trial will resume on January 8.
It has also been pointed out that a media team, headed by Al Jezirah’s anchorman Ahmed Mansour will be spreading the word about what is to take place on the upcoming date of 25 January 2014.
On the other side, the revolutionary forces have put in place the final touches for celebrating the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud, this coming Tuesday. This includes a plan to safeguard Tahrir Square and the formation of popular committees to ensure that none of the MB members infiltrates their lines, and to warn their demonstrators against going into side streets to avoid any clash with the police.
The head of the 6 April movement, the Democratic Front, announced that slogans against the previous SCAF will be chanted, but that Morsi’s supporter were not going to be included.
In my personal view, if the people are forewarned they are forearmed and can combat the latest plan of attack by the International Organization of the MB. The biggest problem would be controlling the different crowds that will be demonstrating on Tuesday 19 November. I hope the police and army have a plan in place to ensure that neither of the clashing factions gets a chance to meet. If they do, that will be playing right into the hands of the MB and facilitating the implementation of their plans for chaos. Having passed the date of Morsi’s trial peacefully on November 4, I am hoping that the same will apply on November 19. Unfortunately the curfew would no longer be in place, so that might make the job of peacekeeping more difficult, but I am starting to have more confidence in the ability of the police and army to protect Egypt and the Egyptians from this international terrorist organization, the MB.
Interestingly enough, last night on a television program called The Black Box, the presenter, a long time scholar of the MB, revealed the acquisition of a document from the meetings held by the International Organization for the MB, outlining their plans, as stated above, but with more in-depth analysis, but taking it a step further and revealing the motivation behind these plans. This was said to be their ultimate goal, to reach the point of negotiating for sharing the rule of Egypt. They clearly state which portfolios they want and which they will give to the opposition. The wording, when analyzed, reveals that although they are willing to initially compromise with the “liberals”, whom they had previously described as infidels, yet the ultimate goal is complete domination of Egypt and its “Islamization” as per their views. The details found in that document are shocking, and the presenter was very emphatic about what its effect should be on those members of the Government, naming a few. These members proposing reconciliation are either naive or traitors, for with such an agenda by the MB revealed, there is no possibility of compromise with these terrorists.
From all previous experience with the MB and from a study of their history, this falls in line with their pattern of behavior. They have never had any loyalty to any of their temporary allies, they have a long history of betrayal and even treasonous behavior where their personal advancement comes in, both as individuals and as an Organization. With knowledge comes understanding, and people who still insist on reconciliation with, and inclusiveness of, the MB in the governance of Egypt, are now under a very strong negative light that is more likely than not to end their political careers rather badly. The people in general have become quite disillusioned by the MB and we are now starting the process of socially ostracizing them, which is far more drastic and effective than any political banning.