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This states that four telephone calls were made by Morsi while still President of Egypt, to Ayman Al Zawahri Head of Al Qaeda. These four calls revealed his true intentions for the future of Sinai and for the Egyptian army. These calls are reported, among others, by Al Nahar and Al Ahram newspapers as having been recorded.
The calls, made through a Thuraya satellite telephone included plans for the setting up and establishment of a Free Army to confront and eventually demolish the Egyptian Army and to empty Sinai completely of any Egyptian presence. This is as per the agreement whereby the United States had paid 8 billion Dollars, and where Qatar as well, promised to back Morsi and the Brotherhood and support them to remain in power.
According to these newspapers, the calls included setting up coordination between the Brotherhood as represented by Khairat Al Shater, and Al Qaeda represented by Mohamed Al Zawahri, brother of Ayman Al Zawahri, Head of Al Qaeda.
In his second call, Morsi talked about cooperation between the Presidency and the Brotherhood on the one hand, and Al Qaeda on the other hand, to create cells within the country for the protection of the Brotherhood’s stay in power. In this call Morsi promised to apply Sharia law to Egypt, so that it reaches the state Afghanistan had reached under the rule of Taliban; but this has to be done gradually.
In response to a request from Ayman Al Zawahri, Morsi gave Presidential pardons and released a number of imprisoned members of Al Qaeda, as per a full list prepared by Ayman and Mohamed Al Zawahri and submitted to the Egyptian President, which was ratified by Morsi.
In the third call Morsi reiterated his promise not to arrest any member of Al Qaeda while he remained in power. Both sides agreed as to the importance of establishing training camps for what they called Jihadists. Morsi revealed to Al Zawahri that he intends to set up armed militias which will be used to protect the Brotherhood against any attempts at removing them from power. This actually did take place as Morsi supplied four training camps to the Jihadi Groups and put a halt to many military operations in Sinai.
The fourth call took place at dawn on June 30th, 2013 and was attended by Asaad el Sheikha, Refaa Al Tahtawy and the person responsible for Security in the Presidency. In this call Morsi urged Al Zawahri to attack the Egyptian army in Sinai and asked him to support the legitimacy of his Presidency and to cause as much chaos as possible. Al Sheikha met with Mohamed Al Zawahri after the end of the call and asked for the Jihadi Groups to support the Presidency and to put down resistance. On the same morning, Al Shater met with a delegation of Jihadists in the presence of Mohamed Al Zawahri and asked them to support the Brotherhood and the Presidency to avoid an early downfall. Mohamed Al Zawahri promised that they would do that.
If this recorded piece of evidence is proven to be authentic, it will prove Morsi’s betrayal of Egypt and the Egyptians, evidence that would bring Morsi to the hangman’s rope at the first session in court.
More importantly it shows the treasonous attitude of the Brotherhood, with anyone who would help them stay in power, at the expense of the Egyptian people whom they claim to rule in its name.

Morsi is now standing trial for another crime, that of inciting to kill demonstrators in one particular incident in December 2012. In the meantime the prosecuting team is preparing other cases to indict him for more trials. The case above will probably be one of them, as well as the use of Hamas military personnel in helping him break out of jail on 28 January 2011, where he was held accused of treason. Morsi seems to have a very long legal road to travel.