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I hope they continue down the same path till the whole world sees them for what they are: a terrorist cult.
A secret society that thrived on operating in tHe dark, underground. It has its own key words, signals, culture. Built on the same lines of the Freemasons, the Brotherhood has all the Masonic traits and some of it rituals.
Recruitment to the Brotherhood starts at a very early ages usually early teens is the preferred age for new recruits. Boys at that age are rebelling against parental authority and are looking for like minded other boys to form a pack. Where there is no Freemasons or Brotherhood, boys of that age join a gang. Basically they are all the same, except in the case of the Freemasons and the Brotherhood there is a whole organization behind the facade. A very well organized entity with a very regimented hierarchy. In the case of the Brotherhood the recruit does not have an idea what he is getting into. All he sees is his peers, usually of the same age, having a lot of fun together, under the umbrella of a man of God. So who could doubt that they are on the right path. Especially as this very man of God is the one teaching them all aspects of religion. If they notice some slight discrepancies between what they are being taught within the Brotherhood and what they usually hear in the mosque or are taught to them by their parents, they prefer the version by their mentor from the Brotherhood because it usually feeds their natural aggressiveness and sanctifies it.
It is a very gradual process, but over time these discrepancies become more and more, and this is the beginning of the path away from Islam proper. From then on it is the version of the Brotherhood’s Islam which they believe in. In that version, love, tolerance, kindness and good have no place as absolutes. Everything is conditioned. You love only people of the same trend, others are much less and do not deserve your love. Tolerance is only for your kind, no one else deserves that as they are not Muslims as per the Brotherhood’s teachings, they are infidels and therefore should not even be tolerated. Only Brothers deserve kindness and good means only one thing. You do good only to your brothers, but doing good is also in harming others. In their warped view harming your ‘enemy’ is considered as doing good for your ‘true’ faith as per the Brotherhood.
Once they reach this stage of indoctrination they totally believe that good is what is to the advantage of the Brotherhood, even if this means lying for the advantage of the Brotherhood is good. Beating someone who is against the Brotherhood is good and will be rewarded by God. God will bless you with a reward of heaven if you die for the Brotherhood’s cause, especially if you can take with you as many people who are not your Brothers. This way you have reached the coveted level of martyrdom which means you go straight to heaven.
They are now totally brainwashed into believing that lying, stealing, cheating, wounding and killing are all justified if it is for the advantage of the Brotherhood, and all this is done with God’s blessing. Parallel to this trend is a natural inflation of the ego. So a tendency to superior behavior and a barely hidden arrogance in treatment of everybody else is the result. All non Brotherhood members are inferior and therefore do not count. A side effect of this arrogance is their very strong feeling of entitlement. This entitlement includes every desire they have. They are therefore entitled to the best food, all the money they can cheat you out of, all the sex they can get with as many women as they lust for.
In the world of the Brotherhood women have one role. A sexual vessel for the pleasure of the Brother, and a means for procreation. Women are considered only in this light, and that is the reason why they should be covered to ensure that they do not tempt any of the Brothers. Their voices are also tempting, so they should not be heard. Their place is in the home. Despite this, women are ruthlessly used for other purposes. Just lately they were the ones used, along with the children – both being expendable – as human shields, first in demonstrations where they were placed in the outer parameters, and the in the Rabaa sit-in where they were place on the front lines. The women themselves are brought up to agree to their inferiority and therefore consider it natural for them to be dispensable. Things were taken an even step further during the Rabaa sit-in, where women were given a chance of reaching the aspired for martyrdom level by undergoing sexual jihad. This means that women were brought in to have sexual intercourse with the ‘fighting’ Brothers who are at the sit-in. These women were who have been brainwashed into thinking that they are doing God’s work. Prostitution was given a holy whitewash. But worse still, very young girls, some in their early teens were used. It was rumored that a 14 year-old died while practicing sexual jihad, and of course, to them she had gone straight to heaven, as she has reached martyrdom.
Christians are considered even lower than women, for they are infidels and do not deserve to live. They might just come up to the same level as the dogs they now douse with gasoline and set on fire as a “live” bomb. This is their latest game. Animal rights organizations are doing their best to try to rescue as many of these unfortunate animals as they could.
To any normal Muslim this is the ultimate insult to his sense of sanctity of religion. Normal Muslims see all this as totally barbaric behavior. Nothing in the Islamic religion has anything to do with what the Brotherhood are teaching their people or to what they are practicing. This cult has managed to smirch the pure religion of Islam with their behavior which, to those who are not familiar with this religion appears to be a very bloody, violent religion. Hence the phrase Islamic Terrorists. Anyone familiar with the religion of Islam as practiced by the centrist Egyptians would be appalled by this phrase. But when these people call out the name of Allah while perpetrating the most atrocious acts of violence and cruelty, then who could blame the uninitiated for believing the worst. They are Islam’s worst enemies, for it will not be easy to eradicate this association from the mind of the rest of the world.
The current behavior of the members of the Brotherhood is very much in line with this kind of brainwashing. One of the most important aspects of this training is complete and absolute blind, unquestioning obedience. This, added to the brainwashing shown above, makes them the perfect army of suicidal soldiers and potential martyrs with the added icing of heavenly rewards.
It is therefore quite baffling for normal, non Brotherhood brainwashed Egyptians to hear voices from abroad demanding that the Brotherhood be included in the roadmap for the future, that they become part of those setting up the Constitution which will rule the lives of all Egyptians for the foreseeable future. To us it is like including the most staunch Nazis in building the penal code of modern Germany; like including the IRA in running Britain, or Al Qaeda participate in the American Administration. Can it get more ridiculous? Can anything more preposterous be expected? How could supposedly well educated and well informed people even think that? And adding insult to injury, they site human rights for their demands. Where are the human rights of normal Egyptians to live normal, safe, prosperous and happy lives? Why is it only the human rights of those sick terrorists that have to be preserved? One of the most baffling aspects of this whole situation is the attitude of the west where the Brotherhood is concerned.