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After the removal of Morsi, the Brotherhood promised retaliation through violence, and this was the one promise they kept. We are still living through that period so it is a bit difficult to give a final, balanced view now, of what we are actually living through, day by day. There are also so many things that are going on behind the scene, things that will not be known till much later, which could be indicative of how things shape up. I will write only about what I see, and what I think. This is a very personal chronicle of what is going on in Egypt now.
The shock to the MB and their supporters at Morsi’s removal was just as great as the euphoria felt by the rest of the people at getting rid of a nightmare that lasted a full year. The MB are very vociferous and showy, but when Morsi was suddenly removed, they went into deep shock and paralysis. But not for long. Their leaders started gathering their people and started mobilizing all levels of members and supporters. They started putting in plans for retaliation and regaining the upper hand. What they did not see, was the huge wave of relief and gratitude felt by the majority of the people to the army, in the person of General Al Sisy. This was a real feeling of gratitude, for we felt that as head of the only legally armed entity he was in a position to implement the will of the people.The relationship between the Egyptian army and the people is quite unique. We have a draft, where any able bodied male of a certain age, with very few exceptions, is to serve in the army, and remain in the reserve till the age of forty. This means that the army, at any one given time, is made up of a generation of our sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and cousins. We have no ethnic differences, and we have one integrated unit of the armed forces. The very nature of the draft is to instill discipline, give training, receive excellent medical coverage, and lead a very regimented decent way of life, that somehow turns all sorts of different youth into one unit of loyal soldiers who love their country and who would literally die for it or for their comrades in arms. Loyalty and love for the country and its people are paramount. Therefore it was with a great deal of hurt and anger that the people received what was perceived as the transgressions of the army against the people in massacres such as Maspero and Mohamed Mahmoud. And it was with a huge feeling of relief that the people realized that it was the MB who had duplicated army and police uniforms and were probably responsible for the worst atrocities perpetrated against the people. Such is the case in point of the aftermath of the Port Said massacre, followed by the second massacre during Morsi’s reign when forty people were killed by snipers wearing police and army uniforms. Pure chance revealed that some of those were Hamas operatives incognito. In my opinion these should have been shot on the spot. They were enemy soldiers, dressed as Egyptian army personnel, and killing the people.
It did not take the MB leaders long to rally their members and supporters. They started going out in demonstrations asking for the reinstatement of the “democratically elected President”. To the majority of Egyptians who had lived through the fraudulent elections, this was as ridiculous a demand as saying that Morsi was a good leader. It therefore came as a total shock to all Egyptians when western media started quoting the MB claims as the truth, and calling what happened in Egypt a coup. Did they not see the throngs of people, as per CNN, reaching 33 million, out on the streets demanding Morsi’s removal? Are these people blind? Don’t they have correspondents on the ground? Don’t they even have their owns spies in place to give them the right picture? But no. The media took off and the attack on Egypt was so vicious, Egyptians took a step back and started to look deeper for the meaning of such an attitude. This deeper look into the way things were being handled by most foreign media and most European and American mediators, gave us pause and made us investigate all international relations in a different light.
In conjunction with that, Morsi was held in protective custody in an unknown location, but Lady Ashton was given access to him to assure the world as a whole that he was treated humanely and with the dignity due to his previous position. Still, attack on Egypt by most international media outlets, as well as official governments, was at its zenith. At that time all well educated people, those with language skills, volunteered to do whatever they could to combat this attack. We started pages and groups on Facebook dedicated to rebutting each and every accusation levelled at Egypt by the outside press. We wrote letters to officials in Europe and the States. We bombarded them all, continuously, but for at least three weeks there was absolutely no deviation from that hard line they took. It was quite baffling, till we finally found out that the MB with their practically limitless financial resources had hired several public relations firms to promote their image and their point of view, worldwide. Now we understood why we were not getting anywhere. But by then, a few lonely voices in the west started picking up on what was actually happening. and the tide slowly started to change.
In the meantime both Morsi and Khairat el Shater, the deputy Morshid, were held in custody, under investigation of wrongdoing, not just political malfeasance. They were being investigated for criminal acts of torture, murder and fraud.
Continued … Part 2