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Thirty three months after the revolution led by the youth, and supported by the rest of the people, Egypt is still struggling to achieve its independence. My beautiful, beloved Egypt is still under attack. My kind and loving people have conspiracies woven against them, which do not care for them or their future. Though many have been impoverished in both mind and body, where education was withheld, medical treatment lacking the basics, and the economy catering to the upper circles, leaving the majority in dire poverty, yet still the indomitable Egyptian spirit has survived. The crime perpetuated against the people is unforgivable.
The people: without education, money or health, they are still the most fascinating and lovable among nations. Where else in the world would you get a LOWERING of crime rates during the weeks when there was absolutely no police to ensure security? It is the ingrained culture of thousands of years, the total uprooting of barbarism and violence from the psyche of Egyptians. Not only is violence alien to the true Egyptian’s soul, but also ingrained is a love of life, of goodness and of fun. A highly developed sense of humor has saved many a situation and has enabled the people, be they individually or en mass, to survive. All these positive attributes which, unfortunately, are misinterpreted by the rest of the world as inertia. The patience of Egyptians is often mistaken for lethargy, their forgiving nature seen as a weakness. It takes non Egyptians years of living among us to start understanding the true nature and beauty of the Egyptian character. The flood of love, tinged with humor, a playful spirit untouched by malice or violence. A basic intelligence that understands and is intuitive on a spiritual level, absorbing that which cannot be explained or even put into words that are accepted intellectually. Egyptians have a mass consciousness that instinctively acts without prodding or urging. Many a time prodding and urging did not work, to the desperation of many an activist or political agitator. But the time was not right. When the time was right, a spontaneous surge of millions of people takes place. A natural phenomena, like the eruption of a volcano, or the flooding of a river.
Most Egyptians today have had a crash course in politics 101, after gloriously failing the first test of freedom and democracy. The naïveté that was the general aspect of the people right after the revolt of January 25, 2011, was paid for very dearly by the people, who are still paying. But you only learn well from the most painful lessons, and we Egyptians are paying a very high price in blood and loss of dear ones, in loss of security and the right to a decent life, loss of vision of a dreamed of hopeful future.
Every day some new plot by local terrorists, in conjunction with world powers, is being revealed by those who love the country and fear for its future. The general public are starting to wake up from their prolonged coma. The economy is precarious, security is threatened by the terrorists among us, the plots to derail the road map, cause rifts among all factions of society, including such institutions as the Police and the Armed Forces, as well as between the bulk of the population and other minorities, all these attempts have failed. Egyptians now know, on a vey basic level, that our survival depends on our unity, our very existence and our way of life will only be safe if we, and only we Egyptians, unite against all our enemies. We have to fight them with knowledge, cunning and strength, with education, transparency and sticking to the higher moral ground and the rule of law.
God bless and keep my beautiful Egypt.
To be continued … Egyptians – The Other Side